PC Engine Core Grafx mini – Unpacking Video

Got my new PC Engine Core Grafx mini ten days from Italy and made a small Unboxing Video, hope you’ll like it.

The video is a time-lapse, not that you are confused and no, i did not play the console just yet.

But i will try to make a live stream – my first one i assume (?) – so that you see/hear my experience first hand. Stay tuned for that, dates will be announced ASAP :).

I already bought the streaming hardware for the livestream, but have to find the time and haven’t decided yet which platform: Twitch, YouTube, Periscope?
Sorry gals&guys, but i’m a busy dad now, but i will inform you let’s say until next week, alright? ;)


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PC Engine Core Grafx mini – Unboxing Video

By the way, the music within the video is an interpretation of a midi music from „Kitsune The Fox“ which i found here: www.mirsoft.info/gmb/musician_info.php?id_ele=OTky – i wanted to asked if it is alright to make a remix of the Bonk interpretation, but the email returned. If you know her or him, please tell her/him know of this video&the music and please let me know if the music can or cannot be used. But to be clear, i did the music and snippets myself, just tried to use ideas from his interpretation which i liked very much. Arigatou Gozaimasu Mr. #KitsuneTheFox for your work! I hope you’ll enjoy mine.

Form my PCEngine heart out to all of You: ALL THE BEST! :)