Dinoforce | New PC Engine Release

Ho, ho, ho, Merry…. here we go „again“ :) No, not Santa, but PCEWorks just released a „new“ PC Engine game called Dinoforce!


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The Sidescroller Shoot’em Up was lost in the shadows of publishing 35 years ago, but with the help of it’s original game designer and a team gathered by PCEworks, the rom is not publicly released with tons of information at http://dinoforce.pceworks.net/

A physical HuCard release for the Turbo Grafx and PC Engine is available for pre-orders NOW as well as a several Special Editions which can be ordered via PCEworks.net -those include very CRAZY SETUPS, like a PWD-703 PLUS EPROM BOARD release and a MIYOO MINI DINOFORCE EDITION with the game preloaded.

I am not 100% sure, but I can’t see any game release or gaming special editions made with more love then this one in 2022 – so, don’t wait, the release is pretty limited and you might miss the best xmas present to yourself… I mean the best present for your loved ones – of course ;)